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Chelsea Housing Authority v. McLaughlin

Argue Date: Tuesday March 5, 2019
*Summary:   Torts-- This is an appeal of the allowance of a motion for summary judgment for the defendant in a damage action alleging that an accounting firm failed to discover financial misconduct by the Executive Director of the Chelsea Housing Authority.
Justices: Gants, C.J., Lenk, Gaziano, Lowy, Budd, Cypher, Kafker, JJ.
Appellant: Chelsea Housing Authority
Counsel for Appellant: Ronaldo Rauseo-Ricupero, Esquire Richard C. Pedone, Esquire Morgan C. Nighan, Esquire Leslie Hartford, Esquire
Appellee: Michael E. McLaughlin
Counsel for Appellee: S. James Boumil, Jr., Esquire
Court Appealed From: Suffolk Superior Court
Lower Court Judge: Timothy Q. Feeley, J.
Route to SJC: Direct Appellate Review
Amici Curiae:  

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