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Barron v. Southborough Board of Selectmen

Argue Date: Wednesday November 2, 2022
*Summary:   Municipal Law; Free Speech-- This is a challenge to a policy of the Board of Selectmen providing that remarks by the public during the board’s meeting must be respectful, courteous, and not rude or slanderous on the basis that the policy is an impermissible prohibition on free speech.
Justices: Budd, C.J., Gaziano, Lowy, Cypher, Kafker, Wendlandt, JJ.
Appellant: Louise Barron
Counsel for Appellant: Ginny Sinkel Kremer, Esquire Christopher J. Alphen, Esquire Thomas P. Campbell III, Esquire
Appellee: Southborough Board of Selectmen
Counsel for Appellee: John J. Davis, Esquire
Court Appealed From: Worcester Superior Court
Lower Court Judge: Shannon Frison, J.
Route to SJC: Sua Sponte Transfer from Appeals Court
Amici Curiae: Massachusetts Association of School Committees , American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, Inc. , Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association , PioneerLegal, LLC

*Summary is not an official part of the court proceedings, it is presented so that those who access the website will have a general understanding of the legal issues in the case.

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