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Tenczar v. Indian Pond Country Club, Inc.

Argue Date: Friday October 7, 2022
*Summary:   Torts-- A golf course is appealing a decision awarding the plaintiffs damages and granting an injunction where errant golf balls from the golf course caused damage to the plaintiff’s property.
Justices: Budd, C.J., Gaziano, Lowy, Cypher, Kafker, Wendlandt, Georges, Jr., JJ.
Appellant: Indian Pond Country Club, Inc.
Counsel for Appellant: John B. Flemming, Esquire Leon Nowicki, Esquire
Appellee: Erik Tenczar
Counsel for Appellee: Robert W. Galvin, Esquire Anthony Riley, Esquire
Court Appealed From: Plymouth Superior (Brockton)
Lower Court Judge: William M. White, Jr., J.
Route to SJC: Direct Appellate Review
Amici Curiae: The National Golf Course Owners Association, Inc.

*Summary is not an official part of the court proceedings, it is presented so that those who access the website will have a general understanding of the legal issues in the case.

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