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Herrmann v. Attorney General

Argue Date: Monday February 6, 2023
*Summary:   Ballot Initiative-- The plaintiff is challenging a decision of the Massachusetts Attorney General not to certify a ballot initiative petition that would have limited amounts that may be contributed to an independent expenditure political action committee.
Justices: Budd, C.J., Gaziano, Lowy, Cypher, Kafker, Wendlandt, Georges, Jr., JJ.
Appellant: Robert Herrmann
Counsel for Appellant: Courtney Marie Hostetler, Esquire Ronald Andrew Fein, Esquire John C. Bonifaz, Esquire Ben Clements, Esquire
Appellee: Attorney General
Counsel for Appellee: Adam Hornstine, A.A.G. Anne Sterman, A.A.G.
Court Appealed From: SJC for Suffolk County
Lower Court Judge: Dalila Argaez Wendlandt, J.
Route to SJC: Direct Entry: Single Justice Reservation & Report
Amici Curiae:  

*Summary is not an official part of the court proceedings, it is presented so that those who access the website will have a general understanding of the legal issues in the case.

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