Winter 2016 / Spring 2017

Book Report

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Book Report

A selection of faculty books

The Information Age’s Go-To Guide for IP Law

IP law offers a tangle of new concerns: software as a service, social media contracts, mass-market licenses, and Safe Harbor 2.0, to name just a few. Adding to the complexity, different countries take their own approaches. Law practitioners and academics alike are find­ing up-to-date guidance on the issues in Prof. Michael Rustad’s 2016 edition of Software Licensing, Cloud Computing Agreements, Open Source, and Internet Terms of Use: A Practical Approach to Information Age Contracts in a Global Setting. The co-director of the Intellectual Property Law Concentration at Suffolk Law, Rustad offers insight into the book’s issues by way of podcasts produced by Suffolk Law’s Journal of High Technology Law.

And the Guide for Beginners

Future IP lawyers will someday benefit from Rustad’s book, but first, they’ll get their introduction through Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law, a new textbook written by Suffolk Law professors Stephen McJohn and Lorie Graham. The trick for engaging undergradu­ates, the authors determined, is to examine practical questions such as: Are Neanderthal genes patentable? May a fan write  Harry Potter 8? And could shut down Amazon Books, a women’s bookstore?

Recent Faculty Books

Karen Blum
Local Government Liability Under Section 1983, Volumes One and Two, Practicing Law Institute: 33rd Annual Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation (2016).
Police Misconduct, Law and Litigation, Avery, Rudovsky, Blum & Laurin (3d ed. 2016-17).
Section 1983: Qualified Immunity, Volumes Three and Four, Practicing Law Institute: 33rd Annual Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation (2016).

Steven Ferrey
The Law of Independent Power (New York & London: Thomson Reuters/West Publishing Co., 36th ed. June 2015, 37th ed. October 2015, 38th ed. 2015, 39th ed. 2016, 40th ed. 2016).

Dwight Golann
Lawyer Negotiation: Theory, Practice, and Law (cao-author)
(Wolters Kluwer, 3d ed. 2016).
Mediation: The Roles of Advocate and Neutral (co-author)
(Wolters Kluwer, 3d ed. 2016).
Resolving Disputes: Theory, Practice, and Law (co-author) (
Wolters Kluwer, 3d ed. 2016).

Andrew Perlman
Regulation of Lawyers: Statutes and Standards
(with Stephen Gillers and Roy D. Simon) (Aspen 2016).

Michael Rustad
Computer Contracts (5 volume set) (Matthew Bender and Co.,
2015 and 2016 editions).
Global Internet Law Hornbook (West Publishing Co., 2d ed. 2015).
Global Internet Law in a Nutshell (West Publishing Co., 3d ed. 2015).
Software Licensing (Lexis/Nexis IP Law & Strategy Series, 2015 and 2016 eds.).

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