Winter 2018
Law Student of the Year, Cherina Clark JD ’17
Cherina Clark JD ’17, Law Student of the Year

In the National Spotlight

Law Student of the Year

National Jurist magazine honors a handful of students each year with the title “Law Student of the Year.” Cherina Clark JD ’17 earned the accolade this year, and Cherie Ching JD ’16 made the short list in 2016. In a profile of Clark, National Jurist noted that she was able to manage prestigious government internships while still mentoring first-generation law students, training urban high schoolers, and “helping to craft legislation to help people in a city [Flint, Michigan] 700 miles away.”

The publication said of Ching, “[She] has encouraged the Suffolk minority community toward public service and to become involved in conversations surrounding diversity, discrimination, and inequalities in the justice system.” As a student attorney in the Law School’s Accelerator Practice, Ching represented low- and moderate-income clients in consumer protection and housing discrimination cases.

Cherie Ching JD ’16, Law Student of the Year
Cherie Ching JD ’16, Law Student of the Year


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