Spring/Summer 2014

Time Capsule

Play Time

The Suffolk Players Pantomime, the University’s first theater group, began in 1936. Nearly eight decades later, the University’s Theater Department and its graduates are nationally renowned.

This 1937 photo shows a rehearsal for a production with an all-male cast. 

ON CAMPUS in ’37

  • Suffolk wins the University charter contest
  • College of Business Administration (Sawyer Business School) is established
  • Launch of the College Debating Society
  • First Female Graduate Marion Archer MacDonald
  • 20 Derne Street (Archer) raised from three to four stories
  • Suffolk is ruled tax-exempt


  • Detroit Red Wings win the NHL Stanley Cup
  • United States first foreign trade zone, Staten Island, New York, opens
  • Wallace H. Carothers invents Nylon First Social Security claims are paid
  • Disney releases Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, first full-length animated feature in color and with sound
  • Hindenburg explodes over New Jersey

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