Winter 2015
Fenton Building sold as 20 Somerset Rises

Fond Farewell to Fenton

Building sold as 20 Somerset Rises

With its state-of-the-art academic building at 20 Somerset scheduled to open next fall, Suffolk has sold the Fenton Building and Annex. Jeffrey Feuerman, president of Brookline Development Corp., purchased the property for $15 million and plans to transform the 47,480-squarefoot location into condos. A former printing plant on the corner of Derne and Hancock streets on Beacon Hill, it has housed University classrooms and administrative offices since 1975. The building was named for former Suffolk president and Law School professor Judge John E. Fenton, Sr., L.L.B. ’24, HDJS ’24; University officials are exploring new and appropriate opportunities to honor Fenton’s contributions to Suffolk. 

Fenton Hall is one of the buildings that will be replaced by the $62 million, 110,000-square-foot Somerset Building with 1,2000 general-use and science classroom seats, a cafeteria/function space, and indoor and outdoor lounging areas. It will also ease student traffic on Beacon Hill—long a source of acrimony for nearby residents when classes are moved into the new space.

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