Winter 2015
Lydia Martin in her studio

The Art of Teaching

NESAD professor Lydia Martin recognized for inspired instruction

NESAD professor Lydia Martin has been named by the Art Career Project as one of “15 Notable Art Professors in Boston.” The San Diego-based group, a comprehensive Web resource for aspiring artists, hailed Martin’s approach to teaching. “She promotes healthy competition in her classes, demands and expects high effort from her students, and genuinely cares about her students becoming better artists under her tutelage,” it said. “Most students say they left her class as better artists than when they entered.” Martin is also an acclaimed artist whose work is on display in several museums and galleries. La Luna: Portrait of Jemima Pierre, a painting that depicts a NESAD graduate, is part of Portraying the Human Spirit, an exhibition at the Bennington Center for the Arts in Vermont that runs through December. Also, pieces from Martin’s Loteria series, inspired by images from a Mexican card game based on bingo, will be shown at the Whitsler House Museum in Lowell, MA through July 2015.

The painting on the left is Loteria, on the right is El Diablito

The painting on the left is Loteria, on the right is El Diablito

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