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1953 radio club

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Do you recall the Student Radio Club at Suffolk? The photo from the University Archives was taken in 1953, but little is known about the organization.

If you were a member or know more about their story, please share it at

ON CAMPUS in ’53 

  • Suffolk Law School is accredited by the American Bar Association
  • 5’ 9” guard Jack Resnick BA ’55 scores the most points (75) in the history of Suffolk’s Men’s Basketball.
  • Tuition at Suffolk jumps to $400
  • Suffolk athletics adopt Ram mascot.
  • The first April Fools’ issue of The Suffolk Journal.
  • Ice hockey, soccer, and sailing dropped as varsity sports.


  • First Chevrolet Corvette. 
  • First color TVs go on sale. 
  • Jonas Salk introduces polio vaccine. 
  • Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey. 
  • Earl Warren appointed Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. 
  • 1953 babies: Pat Benatar, Jeb Bush, Kim Basinger, Chaka Khan.

The top hits of 1953 and 2013, according to the Billboard charts:

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